Day 7: Luke 2:41-52

Here is the Link for Today’s Text: Finding the Temple: 2:41-52 This scene always reminds me of the movie Home Alone, with Jesus left behind and his parents flipping out after apparently miscounting the group they were with. Kevin McAlister references aside, this is the only account of Jesus […]

Day 6: Luke 2:21-40

Here is the Link for Today’s Reading: Circumcision of Jesus: Luke 2:21-24 An important detail here is that Jesus’ family offered a sacrifice of turtle doves.  The temple was set up so that just inside, pilgrims were able to purchase sacrifices. There were varying levels depending on ones wealth, with […]

Day 5: Luke 2:8-20

Here is the Link for Today’s Reading:   Annunciation of the Shepherds 2:8-15 Typically nativity scenes tend to blend together the different gospel accounts of Jesus’ birth. It is important to pay attention to the fact that Luke’s account does not include the magi (or three kings) that are in […]

Day 4: Luke 1:67-2:7

Here is the link for today’s reading: Benedictus 1:67-80 So I had to look up why the Song of Zechariah is called Benedictus.  I found out that in latin, the first word of the song is Benedictus, and thus the name, I guess I was hoping for something more profound.  But as […]

Day 3: Luke 1:46-66

Here is the Link for Today’s Reading:   Magnificat (1:46-56) “He has looked with favor on the lowliness of his servant…”  It could be easy to write this off as Mary simply being humble, but she was lowly. She was a teenage mother, not yet officially wed, with an […]

Day Two: Luke 1:26-45

Here is the link to today’s reading:   When compared with yesterday’s reading, it is easy to see the parallels drawn between Elizabeth and Mary, or at least their reactions to the news that they would be bearing a son who would be considered holy. It would be great if […]

Day One: Luke 1:1-25

Here is the Link to today’s reading:   Verses 1-4 This is referred to as the Formal introduction of the Gospel according to Luke. Take a moment, and look at the beginnings of the other gospels, each starts in its own unique way.  Matthew with a genealogy, Mark by declaring […]

Reading Luke in 53 Days

Greetings on this Ash Wednesday, Our Ash Wednesday Service is just completed, and I wanted to share with all of you my Lenten Discipline. During Lent this year I will be reading the entirety of the Gospel of Luke in roughly 25 verse snippets (although not always exactly 25 verses), […]