Profile photo of Jeri Fields

We welcome Rev. Jeri A. Fields as our Interim Pastor, starting on April 1, 2021. Rev. Fields is a Teaching Elder (Minister of Word and Sacrament of the Presbyterian Church (USA).

Rev. Fields has 18 years of ordained ministry experience and has served as an Interim/Transitional Pastor in various other Presbyterian Churches, as well as being an Associate Pastor, Pulpit Supply, and Chaplain of various institutions. Currently, she is Chair of the Church Development Committee Commission of the Presbytery, as well as a CAT-SCAN Interpreter and Interim Support Group Liaison.

Rev. Fields earned her Master of Divinity Degree at Wesley Theological Seminary and has immersion experience with deaf culture, She also attended the Presbyterian School for Christian Education, George Mason University, and the University of Virginia. She also serves on the Restorative Justice DC Peace Team. In addition to worship and preaching. Rev. Fields has provided pastoral care that has included Suicide Prevention and Awareness for First Responders: Nonviolent Crisis Intervention; Stress First Aid: many of NCP’s workshops, and special projects with Wounded Warriors.

We very much look forward to having Rev. Fields to pastor us and lead us through the next several months, and we hope all Adelphi members will take advantage of opportunities to meet her and interact with her during this time of limited in-person experiences.