Day 18 Luke 7:36-8:3

here is the link for today’s reading:   Anointing 7:36-50 There are really two pericopes here, the story of the woman who anoints Jesus, and the parable of the two debtors.  The first part of this passage echoes strongly of passages that appear Matthew 26 and in Mark 14. There are significant […]

Day 17: Luke 18-35

here is the Link for today’s reading:   Messengers from John the Baptist 7:18-35 Following the Dramatic raising of the young man from Nain, we have reached something of a culmination of events in Jesus’ Galilean ministry.  Jesus has now healed the sick, cleansed lepers, and raised the dead. This culmination […]

Day 16: Luke 7:1-17

Here is the link for today’s reading:   Centurion’s Servant 7:1-10 The term Centurion comes from the idea that the person is a captain of 100 soldiers, hence the part of the word that echoes with century.  Reading the text in the Greek, there are a few peculiarities that do […]

Days 14 & 15 Luke 6:17-49

here is the link to the readings for today and tomorrow:   The Sermon on the Plain 6:17-49 Given the length of this reading, I wanted to give everyone two days for it.  So either read the whole thing over, and then re-read it on the second day to let […]

Day 13 Luke 5:36-6:16

Here is the link to Today’s reading:   New Wine into Old Wineskins 5:36-39 This is our first official parable in the Gospel of Luke. (if you do not count the last passage describing  waiting for the bridegroom as a parable) Maybe what this text is illustrating is clearer to […]

Day 12 Luke 5:12-35

here is the link to Today’s Reading: Leper and Paralytic 5:12-26 There are two distinct stories here, the story of the Leper and then the story of the paralytic.  In the story of the Leper, it is important to remember that Lepers were not to be touched. The Leper bows, […]

Day 11: Luke 4:31-5:11

Here is the Link for Today’s Passage:   Capernum 4:31-44 A lot happens here in Capernum.  Apart from his rejection in Nazareth, we aren’t told a whole lot about Jesus’ ministry up until this, only that he was teaching in the synagogues.  Capernum adds another layer to the work of […]

Day 10: Luke 4:14-30

Here is the Link for Today’s Text:   Good News 4:14-15 Its official, Jesus is officially on the scene. It starts small, going from town to town, healing and teaching, but word spreads.  This is a short pericope, but it summarizes a great deal.  We don’t know how much […]

Day 9: Luke 3:23-4:13

Here is the Link for Today’s Reading:   Genealogy 3:23-38 Matthew’s Gospel starts with a similar (although not exactly the same) genealogy.  (look at it here)  The genealogy only exists in Luke and Matthew’s gospels.  It echoes back to Genesis, and the extended genealogies that exist there (look at Genesis […]

Day 8: Luke 3:1-22

Here is the Link for Today’s Reading:   Ministry of John the Baptist: 3:1-20 We do another big jump, about 18 years.  Think of this like Part II of the gospel of Luke (if the introduction is left as an introduction and not a part).  Luke starts this next section […]