Micronesia consists of 2,000 islands of the Caroline, Marshall, and Mariana archipelagos situated in the Pacific Ocean, although only 100 are inhabited. The entire area is 1,950 square kilometers. For centuries, Micronesia was a strategic global pawn, ruled by Spain, Germany, and Japan before the USA took over the administration as a UN Trust Territory.

There are four separate republics in free association with the USA since 1978–Chuuk, Pohpei, Yap, and Kosrae; these republics make up the area known as The Federated States of Micronesia and consist of 702 square kilometers with over 600 coralline islands. The population is 125,276. The official language in English, with several smaller primarily indigenous groups speaking other languages. Literacy is 92.4%.

Politically, Micronesia is a federal republic, gaining independence in 1991, but in free association with the USA, which administers defense and foreign policy.

Religious freedom exists in Micronesia, with 96.65% being Christian. Of these, Yap is predominantly Catholic, while Pohnpei, Chuuk, and Kosrae are predominantly Protestant.

The economy is mainly subsistence farming and fishing. Over 90% of government income is from US aid.

Challenges for prayer revolve around religious issues. Even in Christianity, there are traditional cultural elements such as the use of magic and of sakau, the herbal drink used as a communal narcotic. Also, the pull of Western consumerism tempts people to migrate to the USA, leaving their home. Another challenge is thas Mormon missionaries are highly active in Micronesia. Even among the long-standing groups of Protestants, there is nominalism and cronyism in the leadership. Bible translation and distribution is limited, as the whole Bible exists only in Chuuk and Pohnpein; the others have only the New Testament at best. Finally, with regard to ministry, there are two Bible colleges which have specific concerns: The Pacific Missionary Aviation/Pacific Mission Fellowship focuses on mission aviation, and Sea Haven is a medical ship operating exclusively in Micronesia and includes an orphanage, an FM radio station and several congregations.

Let us pray for this beautiful and peaceful part of the world and its needs. Gracious God, we thank You and praise You for the islands of Micronesia and their peoples. We are glad for the prolific presence of Christianity there, yet we detect concerns about the beliefs and practices of the people. We pray that the whole Bible may be available to all of the people and translated into languages that various groups can understand; may the Holy Spirit and grounded Christians help the people to interpret Biblical teachings truthfully and wisely. We pray that the obstacles to worshippers, such as magic and narcotics, desires to leave their home, and cronyism in the leadership will be ameliorated by enlightened and strong, practicing believers. We also pray for all other needs of the people, both spiritual and temporal. We pray Your blessings on the Micronesian population, so far away from us and yet so close in desire to follow Jesus Christ and the Good News. In His name we pray. Amen.
–information taken from OPERATION WORLD by Jason Mandryk