Day 24: Luke 9:51-10:12

here is the link for today’s reading:   On the Road to Jerusalem 9:51 This is a major shift in Luke’s narrative, the Galilean ministry is over, the time has come, and Jesus is headed towards Jerusalem. It is important to note this shift and to pay attention in the ways […]

Day 23: Luke 9:37-50

here is the link to today’s text:   Possessed Boy 9:37-43 A couple of things happen here that are worth paying attention to.  First off, this occurs before Jesus has time to do anything as he descends the mountain.  Secondly is that the disciples could not heal this particular boy.  Jesus […]

Day 22: Luke 9:10-36

here is the link to today’s reading: Feeding of the 5000 9:10-17 Although Jesus is attempting to get some time to himself, he welcomes the crowds and teaches them.  At the end of the day the disciples tell him he has to disperse the crowd, and Jesus responses to them saying […]

Day 21 Luke 8:40-9:9

here is the link for today’s reading:   Raising of Jarius’ Daughter 8:40-56 There is an awful lot going on in this pericope. As you read through this rather complex account, there are a few things that caught my attention that I thought were valuable to point out. Jarius is […]

Day 20: Luke 8:26-39

here is the link for today’s reading:   Demon named Legion  8:26-39 I am not 100% sure if I am accurate in the statement I am about to make, so if you’re up for it, double check my work. But at the very end of the passage, Jesus tells the […]

Day 19: Luke 8:4-25

here is the link for today’s reading: Today’s readings is a collections of quick parables and commentary, I think its important to separate them out, as Luke may have been acting as an editor here, with Jesus maybe never saying these things in this order.  The Parable of the Sower […]