New Jersey, known as “The Garden State,” is located in the northeast part of the US. It is bordered by New York, the Atlantic Ocean, the Delaware River, Delaware state, and Pennsylvania. The area is 8,722.58 square miles, which includes 130 miles of the Atlantic Coast. The capital is Trenton. The population is over 8 million as of 2019.

The economy of New Jersey centers on agriculture (especially cranberries), beaches and tourism, and gambling. There is also income from ticket sales of several professional sports teams.

With regard to religion, 34% are Catholic, 31% are Protestant, 18% are unaffiliated, and several other groups make up 6% or less each.

According to the New Jersey Policy Perspective, the following issues are problematic in this state:
-Corporate tax breaks resulted in small returns for taxpayers
-Austerity actions harmed families hit hardest by the pandemic
-More economic opportunities are needed for all citizens of all classes
-The war on drugs, with racist overtones, continues
-Unemployment claims are rising as federal relief expires
-Access to affordable health care is needed by more people
-Promoting equal opportunities for children living in poverty must be developed.

Let us pray for this state. Gracious God, we thank You for the beautiful garden state of New Jersey, its natural resources, and its people. We lift up many issues for Your ministry, including economic situations (proper actions on tax and funding expenditures), the availability of more economic and social opportunities for those in greatest need, amelioration of the drug problems and especially those related to racial issues, jobs for those who are unemployed, economic relief from federal sources, and other human needs, both social and spiritual. We pray that the Christian communities will reach out to those who need to hear the Good News and share it abundantly. We ask all of this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.