Day 24: Luke 9:51-10:12

here is the link for today’s reading:   On the Road to Jerusalem 9:51 This is a major shift in Luke’s narrative, the Galilean ministry is over, the time has come, and Jesus is headed towards Jerusalem. It is important to note this shift and to pay attention in the ways […]

Day 4: Luke 1:67-2:7

Here is the link for today’s reading: Benedictus 1:67-80 So I had to look up why the Song of Zechariah is called Benedictus.  I found out that in latin, the first word of the song is Benedictus, and thus the name, I guess I was hoping for something more profound.  But as […]

Day 3: Luke 1:46-66

Here is the Link for Today’s Reading:   Magnificat (1:46-56) “He has looked with favor on the lowliness of his servant…”  It could be easy to write this off as Mary simply being humble, but she was lowly. She was a teenage mother, not yet officially wed, with an […]