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Feeding of the 5000 9:10-17

Although Jesus is attempting to get some time to himself, he welcomes the crowds and teaches them.  At the end of the day the disciples tell him he has to disperse the crowd, and Jesus responses to them saying that they have to give the crowd food.  But since it was suppose to just be the 13 of them, they have only a few loaves and fishes.  The disciples are doubtful, but trust Jesus and do what he says. After blessing the bread and breaking it and passing it out to the people, all 5000 are feed.


Have you had a loaves and fishes moment in your life?


Confession of Peter 9:18-20

This passage echoes back to what people were telling Herod about who this Jesus was.  The Messiah of God, or the Christ of God, is the anointed of God, the chosen of God, the King of God.


How does Peter know this?  How does anyone know this when so many think of Jesus as a reincarnated prophet?
Jesus Predicts his Death I 9:21-27

We get another instance of Jesus forbidding people, this time the disciples, to spread of the word regarding his true nature, although, in at least one other place, he has encouraged folks to spread the word about him.  He goes on to predict his death to the disciples, although I am not sure if they heard or understood what he was actually saying.  Maybe the most powerful part of this passage is that the invitation to discipleship involves carrying one’s own cross, and a willingness to give up everything, even one’s life.


  1. What is your cross?
  2. What do you think Jesus, through Luke, meant when he said that there were some there that would see the kingdom of God before tasting death?


Transfiguration 9:28-36

After all this talk about people thinking Jesus is possible Elijah or John the Baptist, in comes Moses and Elijah.  Peter and James and John, in their exhaustion seek to make dwellings, so they can stay there.  But the moment ends, following the voice of God proclaiming: this is my son, my chosen, listen to him.  They are left in awe and silence.


  1. How do you think you would react to an event like this?
  2. If they supposedly told no one, how did Luke here about it?