here is the link to the readings for today and tomorrow:


The Sermon on the Plain 6:17-49

Given the length of this reading, I wanted to give everyone two days for it.  So either read the whole thing over, and then re-read it on the second day to let it sink in.  Or read part of it today, and finish it tomorrow. Whatever you think will work better for you to experience it fully.

I am not going to offer too much in the way of commentary, this is a wonderful passage, one of my favorites, and the less i say means the more the text shines through.

I will add though that the fact that this occurs on a plain and not on a mountain (like it does with Matthew) exemplifies Luke’s theme of leveling, of increasing equality. If you have time it might be worth it compare Matthew’s sermon on the Mount and Luke’s Sermon on the Plain in more detail, looking for similarities and contrasts between the two.

Something else to pay attention to here is the great crowd of disciples, do you think Luke means the 12 here, or that Jesus might have had more than 12 disciples.


  • What jumps out at you from this reading, what resonants most?
  • The blessings are for people with current suffering, with a promise that things will improve, the Woes are for those who currently are doing well, with the warning that it will not last.  How does this speak to you? Is it true that all good things come to an end?
  • What will you do differently after reading the sermon on the plain this time around?